Dina Wind: Urban Garden : The Bower

May 5 - October 15, 2022

In collaboration with The Bower: Native Garden and Sculpture Park and the Bridgette Mayer Gallery, we are pleased to present Urban Garden, a solo exhibition featuring 12 of Dina Wind's outdoor sculptures. Dina Wind was a gardener, but the exotic plants she cultivated were made of steel—Stainless Steel, forever silver and shiny, or Carbon Steel, intended to rust and develop a deep, velvety patina.  Separated by their technical welding requirements, each material emerged into a distinct body of work, created with cast-off industrial and commercial scrap.  Together, these outdoor sculptures, displayed on grass or flagstone, were ambitious and defining works for the maverick Lady Welder. They helped define both her aesthetic vocabulary and her environmental message.

We live with man-made treasures which we cherish until they are ultimately discarded. I enter the picture at that point, and as an artist, I recycle the scrap, the junk and give it new meaning and life.... It’s my belief that our environment can be enhanced and saved from decay and destitution in part through the artist’s creativity to transform these discards into new, aesthetic forms. - Dina Wind