"I started making found-object jewelry in London while studying at the Slade School of Fine Art. It was the 1980's and a Maximal moment in fashion, with Boy George and the Thompson Twins setting the tone. Dina's material and aesthetic influence were clearly in the back of my mind as well.  I sent her some brooches which she immediately started wearing (proud mom..) Then, over the next few years, she created her first "Brooches for Buildings," lifting her sculptures off the pedestal and hanging them on the wall. 

Here are original archival pieces of Maximal Art jewelry, the brand I founded with Hilary Jay in 1985. Offering them for sale through the Dina Wind Art Foundation feels so appropriate, as their creative origins and Dina's art are forever connected." 

John Wind 



L: Dina in Maximal Art with Untitled (Earth), c. 1986; R: Hilary Jay and John Wind in Maximal Art, 1985