Selections from Dina's jewelry collection on sale to benefit the Woodmere Art Museum and the Dina Wind Art Foundation

Dina's personal style was always an extension of her creative spirit, and she wore her jewelry with confidence. She mixed contemporary craft with fine jewelry, family heirlooms, and dramatic beaded pieces collected around the world.  

"Dina was a diva--because she had been a model, she knew how to turn heads.  And I think that her art has that diva-like quality as well. It's got visual strength and a sense of clarity that to me has everything to do with who she was as a person." 

William R. Valerio, The Patricia Van Burgh Allison Director and CEO Woodmere Art Museum 

Woodmere Art Museum will feature an extensive selection of jewelry from Dina's personal collection for sale through the holiday season. It will be displayed at the museum and also available to preview or purchase online.

All sales from the Dina Wind Jewelry Collection will jointly benefit Woodmere and the Dina Wind Art Foundation. Shop the collection here.

September 23, 2020
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