Woodmere Art Museum selects Palette Knife painting

Dina Wind's Untitled (Midnight Cityscape) c1970s will be entering the museum's permanent collection.  The work is from Dina’s Palette Knife series, created under the tutelage of painter Sam Feinstein and influenced by Hans Hoffman's famous theory of push and pull.   Out of view for some fifty years, Bridgette Mayer Gallery reintroduced the paintings to the public with an online exhibition in November, 2020. This show coincided with Woodmere Art Museum's Sam Feinstein, Group 55, and Midcentury Abstraction in Philadelphia.


"Woodmere is thrilled to acquire Dina Wind’s Untitled (Midnight Cityscape). The Museum is committed to chronicling the development of the artist's career and building the collection in order to tell the story that leads up to the monumental Spring & Triangle, a central element in Woodmere's Outdoor Wonder or "WOW," the museum's outdoor sculpture experience. With its architectonic structure of brushstrokes and gestural surface, Untitled (Midnight Cityscape) is a painting that expresses qualities that distinguish Wind's sculpture, the work for which she is primarily known."
 William R. Valerio, the Patricia Van Burgh Allison Director and CEO, Woodmere Art Museum
January 15, 2021
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